cos it's great and already picking up comments about it being old fashioned from young idiots

 because last year's 'Away' EP was sublime and this is almost as gorgeous - Tarnation vocals meets Windy & Carl sonics = pleasure centres caressed deeply.

CURREN$Y Bourbon St. Secrets

cos the seemingly-endless series of projects Curren$y has bought out this year have been his most sublimely consistent set of aceness since he first emerged (make sure you get 'Carrolton' and 'Weed Instrumentals' as well).

CONWAY Reject 2 

cos if you're not listening to Griselda Gang you're dead to me


because in a year in which High Focus have already given us astonishing albums from Onoe Caponoe and Ocean Wisdom, this is the oddest of the bunch and should keep you hooked until the snows return.

ELZHI Lead Poison 
because you've been waiting what seems like aeons for new shit from Elzhi and it's here and it's incredible.

50ft WAVE Bath White 
because you love how unhinged and unleashed and livid Kristin Hersh sounds in 50ft Wave, a sheer joy in the fury that goes from her guitar playing to her singing to her songwriting itself.

FLATBUSH ZOMBIES 3001: A Laced Odyssey 

for the wake and bake laziness and the heavy heavy Pharcyde vibe

FRISCO System Killer 

for the confidence and the polish and Shola Ama and the shades of Saxon Sound

GAIKA Security 

because you mustn't let hipsters put you off stuff - this is cinematic, synaesthetic, abstract, blissful, a twisted refraction of his sources. 


for some of the Alch's most twisted droney productions yet + Havoc absolutely fearless

KALO  Calvary 

because goddamnit I'm ADDICTED to everything coming from Nedlog Era and their fellow Stone Mountain psychonauts right now (Part 1)  

K-DEF The Unpredictable Gemini

because yes it's THAT K-Def, of Real Live fame and he still seems incapable of giving his beats anything but the heaviest thump, the snare and kick a dancer's delight of humming depth and neck-snapping treble, even as the loops are such a dreamy-lush delight. Someone get this guy working with rap's biggest names right now — he's lost none of his grace and power. 

LMNO Motherboard 

because out on the edges hip-hop is getting even fucking noisier, darker, angrier and more fucked up (Charles Hamilton, Conway, Westside Gunn, Slayter) — as heard on this latest from ex-Visionarie LMNO - dutty dutty dutty beats, a filthy bass-saw as thick as a whale ommelette, freaky wibblery and loops sparking off in every periphery. Love it.


because with Alchemist, Harry Fraud, Large Pro and DJ Muggs on desk-duties you know this is going to be dated yet essential.

 because goddamnit I'm ADDICTED to everything coming from Nedlog Era and their fellow Stone Mountain psychonauts right now (Part 2)


"Last seen urinating on your left leg" — everyone on top form here hinting that their ongoing '730' project could be one of this year's UK rap essentials... sheesh man this is a GOLDEN year for UK rap. Don't miss out on a single facet of it.

QUELLE CHRIS Lullabies For The Broken Brain 

 Because, let's face it, that's exactly what we all need right now.

ROYCE DA 5'9" Layers 

because, as the 'Trust The Shooter' mixtape suggested, this is way too good to be ignored. A great, vibrant, hilarious, lively, lyrical LP. Get it.

SLAYTER  Dirty Game EP

because fuck you, that's why.

SMOKE DZA George Kush Da Button (Don't Pass Trump The Blunt) 

because it's funny and fierce and sharp and fuck Donald Trump obviously.

SONNYJIM Mud In My Malbec

'too weird to live, too rare to die'- he's right y'know. Superbly darkened, deranged rap from Brum.

SPAIN Carolina 
because shitty sleeve aside there are moments here as beautiful as anything from 'Blue Moods Of Spain' that first made you love Josh Haden's band 2 decades ago

SPARK MASTER TAPE Silhouette Of A Sunken City
 because if you're in the know you'll have been waiting years for this and if you're not in the know you need to get in the know, NOW.

SPECTRE The Last Shall Be The First 

because those weirdbeard Wordsound illbient freaks never went away, they just keep knocking it out.

THE UNDERACHIEVERS It Happened In Flatbush

because when *itchfork are calling it an unimaginative TDE rip off you KNOW it's gonna be ace.

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Boombox 1 (Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro And Disco Rap 1979-82)

Because summer's here and the time is right for shrimping in the street boyyy


  1. Plenty of stuff I need to seek out and great to see LMNO's psychedelic weird-out "Motherboard" getting some deserved recognition. I'm sure I read somewhere he was a born again Christian hence the lack of profanity but don't let that put you off. Just out too is Cyrus Malachi's "Dystopian Dialect" and like all Triple Darkness affiliated projects it's an absolute better. Thanks as always for the pointers Neil


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